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9 Jul 2013

Mihail Kosev visited us in Erdevik

Mihail Kossev: is a permaculture designer, educator and filmmaker based in Eastern Europe. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from New York University, in Film Production, then a Master’s Degree in Education from CUNY, eventually using film and media as a technique to help children learn about science. As an elementary school teacher, Mihail had the summers off to experiment with gardening and eventually design gardens for others professionally. He had learned about Permaculture in the garden itself, eventually growing enough food to support a small CSA in upstate New York. He received his Permaculture Design Certificate from Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in 2010, and returned to Bulgaria to practice permaculture in his homeland. Since then, has worked intensively with Permaship (www.permaship.org), Rahovitza Slow-Tech Campus (www.rahovitza.org), Leer School Permakultuur (www.leerschoolpermacultuur.nl) and various other ecological projects throughout Europe as both a consultant and educator. He has been co-teaching the standard 72-hour permaculture certification courses now for more than two years, aiming to provide students with a holistic and interactive experience with him as a facilitator.

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