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3 Sep 2015


. .Daniel ....

WInter snow in Erdevik 2015 February

Remembering winter ....

My boys and Colm ..take away pizza .. grrrrr

Going to Winter Wonderland 2014 London

colm 90'

Colm ulje na platnu radjneo krajem 90tih by vmclarnon 

Alexove drugarice is Osnovne skole

alexovi prijatelji

bilja plemic and alex 2014

boro plemic 2014

Growing up.. my boys



Dutchman and Belgrade-lover Ralph van der Zijden came with his partner and friend to visit us in Erdevik. 


iBikeBelgrade wants to give people a great time by showing them Belgrade in a fun and informative way. We believe a bike-tour is the best way to experience all sides of Belgrade in one go.
Although biking is a way of transport which is not used a lot in Belgrade, we developed routes that visit its old parts, its new parts, its nature and its rivers and catch its atmosphere.
iBikeBelgrade started out of love for Belgrade. Belgrade doesn’t have the Statue of Liberty, a Van Gogh Museum,  skyscrapers or the Louvre. But it is hard not to fall in love with this city and its people.
For the founder of iBikeBelgrade this love was so strong that he decided to leave Holland and move to Belgrade to show this city to its visitors. He left everything behind, but took the only thing that every Dutchman needs to survive: his bike! Together with some great people from Belgrade, iBikeBelgrade was formed to make you fall in love with Belgrade too!

iBikeBelgrade is not just any company, it’s a social company. It has been founded with the following aims:
  • To promote bicycle-use in Belgrade
  • To support green projects in Belgrade
  • To create employment
  • To inspire people
  • iBikeBelgrade started in 2011.
We started iBikeNoviSad in 2014 and iBikeBudapest in 2015

The mission of iBikeBelgrade is to provide people with memorable experiences during fun and educational bicycle tours by establishing a network of iBikeCities across South East Europe.
The vision of iBikeBelgrade is to locally support the goals of improving cities by promoting cycling, inspiring people to become more entrepreneurial and creating employment.

Encaustica workshop