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27 Sep 2012

Visit from Russian boys Sergey and Tolik and tour in Fruska Gora with Radmila Vojnovic... 8 monasteries in one day ..

 Two Russian boys  from Moscow came to visit us and spent about ten days with us.
We learned Russian, made mosaics, went to Bruje and Moharac lake, and with the wonderful friend Radmila Vojnovic, Journalist who has spent 20 years in Moscow , who was our guide we visited 8 monasteries in Fruska Gora.

Mosaics in Fruska gora monasteries 

Mosaic Russian boys made with local children
Daniel Mclarnon 

Tolik and Beba

Ready to move on and travel and explore further Serbia and the world... 

Radmila and boys in Fruska Gora 

Radmila with the voice of an angel sing some Russian songs in the church.. so moving.. the acoustic of the space . .her voice .. brought the tears in our eyes ...

Tolik and Sergej are exploring interior of the monasteries 


Sremski Karlovci 

Alex, Daniel and Stefan in Sremski Karlovci 

Last photo in Erdevik on the chair made by boys from Russia and the mosaic table made by children of Erdevik 

IN VINO VERITAS , symbolic mosaic representing the Srem and Erdevik and their vineyards 

This summer...

This summer work on a barn started... june was very busy.. lots of work.. lots of negotiations with builders, and so happy that Now is finished ...