''To become happier is a fun process. It’s not like a grueling struggle. All you’re trying to do is find those things that make you happy to do them...The important thing is to recognize that your time has always been and will always be yours...''

12 Aug 2013

Going on Holiday with my dear friends Sara, Sharon and Ruz

Adventure Holiday with my dear friends sara, Sharon and Ruz, we went to Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Pale, Jahorina,  Mostar, Herceg Novi , Kotor, Niksic, visited Tara, Foca, and many more places.
We had a great and relaxing time. Ruz easy going person, whom i met a few months ago is a great cook and loyal friend , with wonderful sense for humour , although the youngest from all of us he looked after us . We recharged our batteries and came back refreshed and happy. 

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