''To become happier is a fun process. It’s not like a grueling struggle. All you’re trying to do is find those things that make you happy to do them...The important thing is to recognize that your time has always been and will always be yours...''

12 Aug 2013

Breakfast with Ruska and Magdalena and artists

My dear friend Ruska and Magdalena invited us to spend Sunday morning  and have breakfast with them... it was lovely morning which continued into late afternoon, .. lovely food .. meaningful conversation, and amazing Magdalena...

Ruska and I photo taken by Davor Susic

Beautiful Ruska  with sunflowers

Boris Mestshersky .. artist  and inspiration 

Photo taken my Boris Mestchersky

two friends...

thinking .... thinking ... what a great mind... huge mind ...

Magdalena with her best friend Davor  and her mum and Polish artist Andzej Rafailovich

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