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2 Sep 2015

Jenny Henry and Hanelle in Erdevik

For almost a year i have not updated my blog, due to so many circumstances, But there is no day that i do not remember Jenny and Henry and also Hanelle. Jenny an English teacher and Henry New Zelender  plumber, were staying with us almost for a months in January 2014. Hanelle a graphic designer  from Finland, stayed too and all of them did  so many interesting things in Erdevik. They helped with building raised bed vegetable garden and also with building our firs bar. We made several beauty products, using vitamin E, honey and extra virgin olive oil.

The most interesting thing was that Henry encouraged Daniel to become a plumber. Daniel had an idea for such a long time but Henry just came on right time to influence Daniel. Henry left al lhis plumbing tools to Daniel.. 
I miss them and hope will see them soon.... 

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