''To become happier is a fun process. It’s not like a grueling struggle. All you’re trying to do is find those things that make you happy to do them...The important thing is to recognize that your time has always been and will always be yours...''

6 Apr 2012

Spring is here

changing the colour of the gonk door
my gonk door... i did a lot of painting.. painting .... changed the colour  and love it ...

i thought about building the screen around my sitting area but .. i tried it does not work... have to use wood... not very keen on using the wood .. but will try

my cuvarkuca or house guardian plant found a new place to lice .. lovely

My friend suggested to call my mix ERLON and it made of parsley, carrots, garlic, olive oil, chives and mint and it is made for soups and as an  addition to stews ...

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