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27 Feb 2012

Fruska Gora Winter 24/02/2012

Leaving Erdevik....

Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora is a mountain in Vojvodina, famous for its monasteries, beautiful nature and extensive network of hiking trails.
The highest peak of Fruska Gora mountain, Crveni Chot, rises 539 meters above sea level.
In Fruska Gora there are a lot of villages, pastures, lakes, orchards and vineyards. There are also around 20 monasteries, 17 of which are active. Some of the peaks offer great views over the Vojvodinian plain.
Accommodation is available in any of the several mountain lodges and smaller hotels. The village of Vrdnik is famous for its spa and hot springs, as well as an old crumbled tower of Vrdnicka kula.
Fruska Gora can best be seen on a daily excursion from Novi Sad, by one of the many regular bus lines connecting the city and the villages.

Fruska Gora....

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