''To become happier is a fun process. It’s not like a grueling struggle. All you’re trying to do is find those things that make you happy to do them...The important thing is to recognize that your time has always been and will always be yours...''

27 Jun 2013

Spring Events

Since February so many events happened here in Erdevik............................
We had visitors from America William Ward BO, Ashley Urban also from Colorado America, French couple , my dearest Colm from UK,  Srdjan Gojkovic - GIle from Belgrade , Roberto film maker form Italy, Katarina Milenkovic  woofing coordinator from Belgrade, we got friendly with a lovely person Davor Susa - Rouge from Erdevik, We  made ''kotlic'' the Serbian dish with Branko Opacic, spent some time with CIGO my neighbour and his family, picked up  ZOVA  - elders flower and made juice, milked Branko Opacic's goats and  made cheese with him, cleaned and tided Branko's Opacic vineyard,  remembered the winter times and house making  with ZIka Cvetkovic, met Ruzica RUKI Lukic wonderful lady the mother of my friend Branislav Lukic Luka artist , poet and dreamer from Bosnia, made Italian dishes, planted pumpkins on Suicide hill called Petra's hill , from , ( Kundera's Unbearable lightens of being), 
had CREATIVE CHALLENGE 2,   collected chamomile and calendula flowers which Daniel and Colm sorted for drying.... Children played with Colm nad enjoyed time before going to England .... we also made cakes from strawberries and cherries Swedish recipes', pizzas from Italian recipes', another hotel for birds, we meditated, ... visited Catholic Church, loved Micuko the  and his two wives,   and we did so many other things ... all in all we enjoyed so much  and had a great time .

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