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5 Dec 2010


In August we came to visit a little village in Srem in Vojvodina.
Our friends Jelena Karanovic i Sasa Gredo invited us to spend several days in Jelena's mother house and see Erdevik.
The moment we set out foot in Erdevik we fell in love with the beautiful place.
In the middle of the village there is a large and well kept park with trees old more than 150 years.

Jelena's mum was waiting for us but we opted to walk alone and explore the village.
Children and I liked the tranquility of the village and the calmness from people. Everyone seemed relaxed.

Before we came to Erdevik we went to so many villages around the Fruska gora and also we went to see Temerin, Lipar, Kula, Kac, Ledinci, Beocin, and many more and nothing happened inside us, nothing moved us as Erdevik.

Erdevik is located in Srem.

from Wikipedia


Ethnic groups (2002 census)

In te middle of the village there are 4 churches
and Baptist church.

The village Erdevik was not deserted but it was in some kind of transition .
they had well known Wine production and vineyard which some private person bought it and left to be destroyed.


  1. Don't know why you wrote in English, but responding the same way... I have myself a yard at the Big lake (Moharac) near Erdevik, so glad to hear some other's thoughts... Fan of wilderness myself, looking for similar families to coordinate efforts to leave Belgrade... Please respond at cvijovic@yahoo.com as I am not reading this blog regularly...

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