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1 Nov 2011

In the Land of Blood and Honey Trailer

Ovih dana sam zaista sretna jer uspeh Gorana Kostica poreklom iz Sarajeva  a koji je prvi dodir sa glumom i perfroming artom oseito kao studnet na CNWL ( COllege of North West London) u ranim 90tim , sa izuzetnim profesorom Steven Keating koji jos uvek radi na CNWL, koji jos uvek inspirise , motivise studnete sa neverovatnom energijom i ljubavi prema pozoristu, glumi i umetnosti...Steven je bio moj Boss, moj najdrazi i  inspiracioni motivator sa izuzetnom ljubavlju za written word...

Steven Keating and Veselinka  Mclarnon 

Goran Kostic je ostao u dodiru sa CNWl sve ove godine i sa svim svojim iskustvom i kasnije stecenim znanjem i umecem bi dolazio u London  i svake godine proveo neko vreme  sa studnetima sa College NWL  predstavama koje su bile u liniji bilo koje  profesionalne predstave u majboljim pozoristima  u Londonu.

Taken from http://www2.cnwl.ac.uk/news_details.php?id=79

Ex-student flies in to co-direct
25 THIN Goran Blood Wedding - websiteGoran Kostic (centre) with the student cast of Blood Wedding 

JUN 08: SOUND, lighting and set were an essential part of the latest play staged by Performing Arts students at the College of North West London in Willesden.
So when the technical director of the Federico Garcia Lorca drama Blood Wedding had to drop out due to other commitments, staff brought in a screen actor from the South of France.
Goran Kostic is a former drama student of the College who started out as a law student in Bosnia, but fled to the UK as an asylum seeker. After training at CNWL in the mid-90s, he graduated from university and went on to an impressive career in theatre, TV, radio and films. But he also has technical expertise and has many times helped the College with productions while between jobs.
This time he had to travel a bit further because he and his wife and son moved from Bristol to Toulouse over two years ago. His wife is an aeronautical engineer with the Pan-European company Airbus which transferred her job to France while she is studying for a Master’s degree.
The student cast of Blood Wedding had all received lessons in Flamenco dancing to gain an authentic feel for the tragedy by the Spanish writer, who was executed by Franco in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War. It starred Jane Kendzerski (18) from Queen’s Park as the Bride, Kashiff Dottin (18) from Harlesden as the Groom and Ericson Mitchell (19) from Lisson Grove as Leonardo.
After it was over, Goran said: “My brother Dejan Kostic is a professional photographer based in London and he started to help the College when I was not available. This time he had an important photographic assignment, so I was happy to take his place, as I knew the play and was not busy at the time.
“I owe so much to the College of North West London. It’s my home college, so it’s always a joy and a pleasure to help."
Goran recently appeared in thuggish roles in two major films – The Hunting Party (formerly titled Spring Break in Bosnia), starring Richard Gere, and the human rights film Extraordinary Rendition, shown on BBC1 in May, starring Andy Serkis (Gollum from Lord of the Rings).
Goran then took on the role of a university professor of linguistics in the French-made Liam Neeson film Taken, released in February 2008, and will appear as a top Serbian gangster in the film Outlaws, due for release in late summer 2008.
Head of Arts at CNWL Steve Keating said the play Blood Wedding had been chosen partly because it had a sizeable cast of 17 characters, and partly because Lorca was “a fantastic writer”.
He added: “We always keep in touch with Goran, who has been invaluable to us over the years. We are very much indebted to him for helping out when we needed him.”


Tu u CNWL sam  upoznala Gorana Kostica dok sam predavala visuelnu umetnost, i secam se njegovog entusiazma i uvek nasmejanog lica .. zaista sam sretna  da je uspeo i uvek se raduejem uspehu upornih i talentovanih ljudi ....

In the Land of Blood and Honey Trailer

Good news, guys! We finally have the trailer for In The Land Of Blood And Honey project, which is, as you probably remember, Angelina Jolie‘s directorial debut, and movie we already wrote so much about.
What can I tell you, this is definitely worth your full attention! After all, Jolie promises us that love can change what we want, even if war changes who we are. I guess that’s the point – judge for yourselves!
Bosnian war movie, typical story at first look, but there’s something deeper in the whole thing. Jolie previously explained that this film is specific to the Bosnian War, but it’s also universal.
And now we have a chance to see why she wanted to tell a story of how human relationships and behavior are deeply affected by living inside a war. I’m so glad that we finally have something with no 3D warning in the description. Because this is simply – the war drama.

More on Filmofilia.com: http://www.filmofilia.com/in-the-land-of-blood-and-honey-trailer-75074/#ixzz1cR5HLzAj


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